SecCoins (by HITCON Girls)

May 9th & 10th - Grotezaal (Booth Number: )

Meet the HITCON GIRLS community, also learn what SecCoins are all about. And join the Smart Contract Challenge to earn more!

Run by the all-girl team from HITCON in Taiwan, you can use SecCoins to exchange for exclusive gifts, or reward coins to speakers and game players.

A special cryptowallet will be made available for you to download at their booth and you’re ready to go! You can trade and earn more SecCoins through games and quizzes held at the booth.

There’s also 300 coins up for grabs for participants in the Smart Contract Challenge!


HITCON GIRLS is an all-female information security community. To propagate the idea of “Everyone can learn about information security!”, we aim to gather all the women who are interested and willing to take a deep dive into the knowledge and techniques to join the community.

We form study groups with various subjects for encouraging our members to overcome the difficulties through learning and share their knowledge in the community. Our mission is to create an inspiring and encouraging environment for women to learn information security, and to increase the inclusivity in the tech industry.