Reuben Paul

8 year old CEO, Cyber Security Ambassador, Keynote Speaker, Hacker, The Kung Fu Kid, The ‘Chairperson’ of InfoSec conferences, are a few titles used to describe Reuben Paul. KEYE CBS News, Austin, recently did a cover story on Reuben on the topic “Austin 3rd Grader Expert on Cyber Security” and the Channel 2 TV News, Houston, did a press story on “8 year old Reuben Paul gives keynote at Houston Security Conference.”

Reuben is an invited speaker, delivering awareness talks and keynotes on the importance of teaching CyberSecurity to kids and has been featured in several industry leading Information Security conferences. His keynote talks “Creating a Safe and Secure Cyber World for kids (by a kid)” at (ISC)2 Security Congress (Atlanta), “Developing r00t-kidz: The Future of Cybersecurity” at Ground Zero InfoSec summit (New Delhi), “Why kids make the best hackers?” at HouSecCon 2014 (Houston) and his debut talk entitled “InfoSec from the mouth of babes (or an 8 year old)” at DerbyCon 4.0 (Louisville) in September 2014, has been quoted and referenced by several information security sources.

Reuben is also honored to become the youngest person to have received the Shaolin Do Kung Fu Black Belt in America which was featured in Fox TV news channel Austin story “7 year old earns Black Belt”. He was also one of the top 10 gymnasts in the 2013 State finals and the grand prize winner of the 2014 Digital Story Telling Contest (DISTCO) for his video biography – “The KungFu Kid”.

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