Welcome Keynote – Thinking Beyond the Edges: The Tools are in Your Hands

One of the great things about living for a while is the development of a long view – seeing ahead as well as behind and seeing possibilities ripening in another generation.

That’s you. You are hackers and the creators of the mind of society as it evolves. The battle between Jedi Knights and the Dark Side will never end, but you can choose to be “Lukes” hearing on Tatooine the siren call of your destiny to recreate humankind through extensions, enhancements, augmentations, and genuine transformations.

Richard Thieme has a track record of seeing and saying clearly what’s about to be. Because a lot of it already is. His insights that some humplings (look up the word in his story, “Break, Memory”) – called wild and crazy turned out to be the simple truth. So will it be with these vistas, outlined in this talk to provide a context for HITB Haxpo, 2015.

Remember that drones and stealth technology were in use  for two decades before the public knew. When people called them “UFOs,” they let the deceptions stand. But when people reported real UFOs, they claimed they were ours, too. Although – as astronaut Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 said – “If we could do what they can do, they would never have sent me to the moon in a tin lizzie.”

We are going to do what they can do. One day we too will see the universe closer up. That’s one of your obligations, to find that force field, make it practical, and go. To build the alloys and processes that make obsolete the physics of our day.
And we will hack the body/brain at its source, know how the brain is coded to grow us; then we will then delete charges from memories, remove some, alter the content of others, and implant new ones (Blade Runner-like) to support the simulated worlds woven in the mind of society by media and its manipulators.

Things do not just “happen to happen” as a British Prime Minster said after a Bilderburg Conference, people make them happen – they meet and talk and decide what to do, then create the needed structures and context to do it. That power is unevenly distributed, but you have it too. The biggest obstacles you face are social and political, the push-back from the status quo and the Powers That Be.

Thieme suggests strategies for making your choice: join those powers, sidestep those powers, or die a martyr’s death at the hands of those powers. It’s no joke – disruptive technologies, especially those that redesign our neuronal structures, threaten current investments. The battles will be economic and political, but the geopolitical structures of the world are already morphing in response, and that creates a million bays and inlets on the coastlines of reality. These days, edges are endless.

Engage. Think. Try. Design. Then, do.

And no matter what, never give up.


Highlight Briefing 60 Minute Briefings
Location: Haxpo Briefings Track Date: May 27, 2015 Time: 11:30 - 12:30 Richard Thieme Download Materials