Haxpo Floor Plan


The Hague Security Delta

The Hague Security Delta (HSD) is the largest security cluster in Europe. In this Dutch cluster –with important regio...

Contact Singapore

Contact Singapore is an alliance of the Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower. We engage oversea...


Nováccent is IT-security specialist. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Visit our site for more information...

Inverse Path

Established in 2005, Inverse Path provides information technology consulting to the most unique, challenging and critica...


If you haven’t heard of Pebble, they make a microcontroller based smartwatch that 68,000+ people brought to life in 20...


Sogeti: Secure by Desire. We believe that people judge security based risk better then ever. Secure because YOU want it ...

Securify BV.

We are a Dutch software security consulting firm specializing in web and mobile application security. Founded in 2012 by...


Our mission “We believe in a society in which communication technology enriches life. It is our mission to provide...


Enabling Enterprises to Embrace BYOD Zimperium offers enterprise class protection for mobile devices against the next ge...


QUARKSLAB is a research company specialized in cutting edge solutions to complex security problems. We provide innovativ...

LBVD Consultancy B.V.

Our mission is to makes the digital world livable. That’s how we help organizations move forward. The digital worl...


Security for Internet of Things Launched in 2014, Bastille is the first security company to detect and mitigate threat...


NOC - Network Operations Center


Founded in 2011 by three Dutch makers who invented the original Ultimaker, the leading European 3D printer manufacturer ...


BalaBit — headquartered in Luxembourg — is a European IT security innovator, specialized in advanced monitor...

Hack In The Box / Haxpositie

The official Hack In The Box / Haxpositie merchandise booth! Come over and check out all the awesome gear we have for sa...


We talk about cyber security awareness, mess around with penetration testing tools, talk about social engineering, have ...

Randomdata / HITBadge

Randomdata is group of people who want to do “technical” stuff. Randomdata is a hackerspace. A hackerspace is a real...


Toool is the The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, a growing group of enthusiasts interested in locks, keys and ways of ...

Mitch Altman's soldering Village

Mitch is a San Francisco-based hacker and inventor, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone remote controls, a keychain that ...


The OWASP Foundation came online on December 1st 2001 it was established as a not-for-profit charitable organization in ...


Frack, oftewel de Fryslân Hackerspace, is de hackerspace van het noorden van Nederland. Samen vormen de deelnemers en b...


Sk1llz is the hackerspace in Almere/Netherlands.

Technologia Incognita

Technologia Incognita is a hackerspace in Amsterdam. We are a collective of people who creates a space where people can ...


IJhack is a hacker collective which aims to teach people to understand the technology that surrounds them. We run worksh...

Dutch Android User Group

The Dutch Android User Group is a Dutch foundation and organizes monthly meetups for Android enthusiasts. These meetups ...


Hack 42

The Hackerspace in Arnhem (Netherlands). More information soon!


The S-Unit


Our Hex is a personal, portable, modular, affordable and power efficient micro-cluster that makes you more productive in...


The Slack community for cyber-security professionals world-wide. Connect with other security professionals and start sha...


relayr.io is an IoT platform as a service company that helps companies IoT-enable existing products / sensors or to bu...

Exhibitor list

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NL-001The Hague Security DeltaView Detail »
NL-002Contact SingaporeView Detail »
NL-003NovaccentView Detail »
NL-004Inverse PathView Detail »
NL-006PebbleView Detail »
NL-007SogetiView Detail »
NL-008Securify BV.View Detail »
NL-009KPNView Detail »
NL-010ZimperiumView Detail »
NL-012QuarkslabView Detail »
NL-016LBVD Consultancy B.V.View Detail »
NL-017BastilleView Detail »
NL-018ERNWView Detail »
NL-019NOC - Network Operations CenterView Detail »
NL-020UltimakerView Detail »
NL-022BalaBitView Detail »
NL-023Hack In The Box / HaxpositieView Detail »
NL-024HackersHubView Detail »
NL-C1Randomdata / HITBadgeView Detail »
NL-C10TOOOLView Detail »
NL-C11Mitch Altman's soldering VillageView Detail »
NL-C2OWASPView Detail »
NL-C3FrackView Detail »
NL-C4Sk1llzView Detail »
NL-C5Technologia IncognitaView Detail »
NL-C6IJhackView Detail »
NL-C7Dutch Android User GroupView Detail »
NL-C8BitlairView Detail »
NL-C9Hack 42View Detail »
NL-S1DevopsdaysView Detail »
NL-S3The S-UnitView Detail »
NL-S5BigBoardsView Detail »
NL-S7SecurityHQView Detail »
NL-S9RelayrView Detail »