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Postbus 76 4130 EB Vianen The Netherlands

At Our Booth (NL-007)

Facing the CTF Arena, our booth is the place to chill-out a bit and refocus on that pesky CTF challenge you didn’t solve yet. Are your muscles sore? Or do you have a neckcramp because of that unnatural pose behind that laptop of yours? Make sure you watch our stand for the specialised neck and back masseur. He can help you recharge that CTF body of yours in no time. And all you hackers out there: we have a small challenge for you, even if you’re not competing in the CTF. But we’re not telling you what it is! If you find the challenge and solve it, you can collect your personal Soldering Iron at our stand. Just enter your contactinfo and solution on the ipads that are placed strategically around our stand. Of course, we do like to get to know you, so stop by for a chat if you like. We’re allways looking for techies to join our team. So: are you a Security Professional, preferably in the area of Secure Development or Security testing (yes, ethical hacking that is)? Don’t hesitate to take a seat in our clubseats and find out who we are.

About Sogeti

Sogeti: Secure by Desire.

We believe that people judge security based risk better then ever. Secure because YOU want it to be. So how do you know how secure you are? Sogeti is the key step toward reality. From our Proactive Security Strategy, we help clients and partners from “Feeling secure to Being secure.”

Security is an enabler for people and society. By integrating security into all aspects and make fact-based decisions on investment on relevant security measures, you achieve real security. People are a key factor because of their skill, creativity and hacker mindset.

Marinus Kuivenhoven, security tech lead Sogeti puts it this way:

Marinus, why do you work at Sogeti?

“Hahaha, just because you want to change the world … ehhm yeah..and … .. and yes .. ..and I do not know exactly what I just said, well, Haha Hahaha! What the hell did I just say? ”

Well, because you work at Sogeti you are able to work  for many different companies…

“Yes, yes, as a result you get the oppertunity to work in a network of top200 companies and change these companies bit by bit. With Sogeti you have a company that enables you to work those companies. Sogeti also has a broad scope of IT specialists that will help you with area’s of knowledge and skill that you lack.  So you learn what you WANT to know. ”

Our Security Business Line is currently booming with more than 50+ professionals. Along with +300 security professionals within Sogeti Worldwide we help our customers to integrate security into their operation. We are convinced that with our security approach our customers operate faster, more efficient and secure. So they can focus on doing business, while being secure.

Security Sogeti is a mature, independent business line within Sogeti Netherlands with more than 50 specialists. You probably already know us because of our sponsorship and attendance at HitB, OWASP AppSec, OHM, Operation Cyber ​​Paint and the the Sogeti CTF team: “Team Red Ace”. If you work at a top 200 company in the Netherlands, then you’ve probably worked with a Sogetist at some moment.

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