LBVD Consultancy B.V.

LBVD Consultancy B.V.
Booth: NL-016

Contact Details

Sharon Mangkoewihardjo
LBVD Consultancy B.V.
Rotterdamseweg 183c 2629 HD Delft Postbus 7 2600 AA Delft T: 015 26 825 33

About LBVD Consultancy B.V.

Our mission is to makes the digital world livable. That’s how we help organizations move forward. The digital world brings functionality and convenience, but also risks. Clients of LBVD do not have to worry about the risks of the digital world and can focus on what they are good at.

We continuously work on solutions that ensure that the digital world is livable. Solving problems and thus helping organizations forward makes our work fun.

LBVD is located in Delft and expanding. We are looking for hackers: junior, medior and senior. Please come by our booth to have a talk about the possibilities.

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