SecCoin by HITCON Girls

Run by the all-girl team from HITCON in Taiwan, you can use SecCoins to exchange for exclusive gifts, or reward coins to speakers and game players.

Quantum Village

Come hack/discuss/work on post quantum crypto for PGP.

AI Village

What does it take to build an AI self-racing car?

Bio Hacking Village

The Biohacking village celebrates global health ingenuity arising from maker communities with the dynamic perspective of emerging biology, technology, and more. This village is organised by our own crewmember Vicarious. Vicarious is a biohacker/cyborg with 5 magnet & 13 RFID implants.

Car Hacking Village

Car Hacking VillageMay 9th & 10th @ Main Haxpo Hall Get on the CANBUS! If you've always wondered how to get started hacking your car, this is the village for you. Folks from Defcon's Car Hacking Village will be on-hand with REAL car dashboards for you to play with and everything you need to know...