Haxpo Floor Plan

May 9 & 10 @ Grotezaal, De Beurs van Berlage


05 – Revspace

06 – Techinc

07 – Nullcon

08 – OWASP

09 – Randomdata

10 – NURDSpace

11 – Awesome Retro

12 – Chip-Off Village

13 – RFID Village

14 – Kampung HITB

15 – Wireless Village

16 – HITB Armory

17 – Medical Security Village


18 – AI Village

19 – Bio Hacking Village

20 – IoT Village

21 – Car Hacking Village

22 – SCADA Village

23 – Blockchain Village

24 – Quantum Village

25 – HackCUBE Lab (at SecConf registration area)

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DarkMatter is transforming the cyber security landscape. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and operating globally, it is the region’s first and only fully integrated digital defence and cyber security entity developing, delivering and implementing next-generation cyber security capabilities. Our elite team of global experts deliver advanced, next-generation solutions to governments, enterprise, and other entities with the highest cyber security requirements. Innovation and Research underpin everything we do, and our vision is to “protect the future by securing its technologies.

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Haboob, is a Cybersecurity Company. It offers sophisticated professional services to the emerging trend of cyber threats being faced by businesses in the online space. Haboob, also delivers an innovate cybersecurity training solutions tailored to the organizations’ needs. Furthermore, all services are provided by highly talented experts that have unmatched experience in cybersecurity equipped with top-notch industry certifications.

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Crowdfense evaluates state-of-the-art active cyber-defense capabilities from the most talented Researchers in the world, tests and improves them and offers them to a carefully selected group of global institutional Customers.

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  • Information Security Engineering is a global organization responsible for Product Security and all-around hacking: breaking and fixing Google’s code, providing security reviews and advice to engineers working on thousands of different projects, working with third-party vendors to help Google outsource business functions securely, and carrying out cutting-edge security research. Our mission is to keep Google’s millions of users safe and secure.

    We work on a stunning array of different technologies: everything from hardware up through the software stack, including numerous different languages and frameworks.  The organization is made up of various sub teams or focus areas: API and framework Hardening, Red Team, Security Education, Security Test Engineering, Third Party Security, and Security Reviews.

    We are part of the broader software engineering organization at Google, and work closely with other engineers to help them produce more secure code. We perform security reviews for thousands of product launches every year. In addition, the ISE Red Team handles a large volume of Third Party Vendor and Acquisition reviews annually.  We also work on diverse software engineering projects, from creating robust sandboxes for untrusted code, Web application scanning and testing tools, through fuzzers, or tools for detecting attacks.

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  • Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Our journey is only 1% done.Our security team are focused on making Facebook a safe and secure place for the 2 billion people on our service to connect and share with each other. We’re fortunate to have some of the brightest security minds at Facebook, and they are working around the clock to help protect people’s Facebook accounts.

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  • Applied Risk is focussed on critical infrastructure security and combating security breaches that pose a significant threat. Operating on a global scale, we work with a wealth of large organisations that rely on our expertise to safeguard their critical assets. Our proven experience of identifying vulnerabilities and security risks is based on methodologies honed over years of conducting assessments in industrial environments. Our engineering experience and cyber security knowledge proves invaluable in securing the critical infrastructures and industrial assets of companies across the globe. We understand the need to maintain secure and reliable control environments, working across a range of industries we deliver solutions tailored to asset owners’ and manufacturers’ security requirements. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security is an engineering-based problem that requires an engineering-focused solution. Our offerings includes a wealth of engineering and technical assurance services, combined with comprehensive security assessments that cover the full spectrum of our client’s critical asset requirements while meeting industry standards.

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Semmle believes security is a shared responsibility. Our mission is to secure the code that runs the world by bringing the security and development communities together.

Our technology scales any organization’s security expertise using QL, to automate their variant analysis effort, and quickly explore any codebase to discover zero-days and all variants of vulnerabilities. We empower product security teams to deliver variant analysis results to development teams using LGTM to ship safe code and protect their customers. Security and software engineering teams at Google, Microsoft, NASA, Nasdaq and Uber depend on Semmle to secure their code.

With their open source queries, Semmle’s platform enables the security community to collaborate and share their expertise in the field of variant code analysis and security research.

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IoT Inspector makes security analyses of IoT devices easy, quick, and
cost effective. With the click of a mouse button, IoT firmware can be
analyzed automatically for common vulnerabilities such as vendor
backdoors and usage of outdated software components. With advanced
search and analysis functionalities, we provide security researches the
means to hunt for vulnerabilities in connected devices and join us in
our mission to make the Internet of Things more secure.

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YesWeHack offers companies an innovative approach to cybersecurity with Bug Bounty (pay-per-vulnerability discovered), connecting more than 7500 cyber-security experts (ethical hackers) across 120 countries with organizations to secure their exposed scopes and reporting vulnerabilities in their websites, mobile apps, infrastructure and connected devices.

Founded in 2013, YesWeHack is today the  #1 Bug Bounty European platform.

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The MSRC works with partners and security researchers around the world to help prevent security incidents and to advance Microsoft product security.

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iHackLabs is formed by a team of former hackers providing the toolset and the skills to offer a complete catalogue of cybersecurity services and innovative training products. To ensure that your company is shielded by our people who know both sides of the fight.

Possessing one of the most complete cyber-ranges of the market, we offer elite virtual labs, wargames and training platforms for skilled professionals with live scenarios iterated and updated based on real threats.

Within our cyber range, we evaluate individuals and teams to identify how your team benchmarks versus the market and make informed decisions about your team’s development with advanced performance metric tools. We are specialised in creating and deploying large scale infrastructure for private and public cybersecurity events.

iHackLabs is proud to be hand-picked from +200 startups, to be part of the UK´s National Cyber Security Centre Cyber (NCSC) Cyber Accelerator Program. We are strategic partners of Eleven Paths and are CREST Approved Training Providers. To date, iHackLabs have delivered high-end programmes for multinationals, governments and the military.