Let The Games Begin!

Come Show The World Your Hack-Fu

From our popular team-based Capture the Flag ‘live hacking’ competition, to contests related to hardware hacking, blockchain and smart contracts, AI, machine learning, IoT, wireless signal capture and much more!

AI Self-Racing Car Challenge

Build, train, and race a self-driving model car!

Smart Contract Challenge by HITCON Girls

  Win SecCoins quickly by joining this Challenge!

Chip-off Challenge by VXRL

Compete for prizes by extracting embedded emmc chips from devices for analysis!

Nullcon IoT Village

Love hacking things? Want to dissect embedded protocols and break into IoT devices? But don’t know where and how to start? This village is for you!

Capture The Signal by Trend Micro

  Capture the Signal is a challenge-based CTF that focuses exclusively on the reverse engineering of radio signals.

All Women – Capture the Flag by Cyber Talents

CyberTalents Women in Cybersecurity CTF Competition is a global cybersecurity competition for women.

HITB CTF – Chronicles of Total Failure

The HITB Capture the Flag is known as one of the most grueling contests in the world. See 27 teams battle it out over 2-days for bragging rights and an exclusive invitation to compete in the HITB .pro CTF at UAE CyberWeek in October where a prize pool of USD100,000 awaits!