What does it take to build an AI self-racing car?

Alongside the self driving car challenge, there will also be an AI village area where we plan to showcase latest NVIDIA and Super Micro solutions.

This is also where we’ll provide hardware infrastructure for teams to train their donkey car models. Based on the popular Donkeycar project and MIT RACECAR/J , learn about the hardware you’ll need to get started and the AI models you’ll need to build to compete in HITB’s hacker space race car challenge.

We will also run public demos on:
– YOLO / object detection (https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolov2/)
– Sign language to text translator (https://github.com/BelalC/sign2text)
– Q-learning / League of Legends AI (https://github.com/farzaa/DeepLeague)
– Robot painter and more!

Already an AI / ML expert? Come sign up to compete in our .pro competition
scheduled for HITB2019 – Dubai in collaboration with Formula 1!