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Meet Mitch Altman and Learn How to Solder at HITB Haxpo!
Meet Mitch Altman and Learn How to Solder at HITB Haxpo!

Today we received the great news that Mitch Altman is not only coming over to HITB Haxpo but will be on-site to run a lab and more!

Mitch is a hacker and inventor, most well known for inventing TV-B-Gone, he’s been a speaker at numerous hacker conferences, is an international expert on the hackerspace movement and teaches introductory electronics workshops.

In May, he’ll be in Europe on a tour of over 20 events/hackerspaces to give soldering lessons in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. He has already taught over 50.000 people how to solder – from 3 year olds to grandmothers! At our first ever HITB Haxpo you will get the chance to learn how to solder one of Mitch’s electronic kits. This include the TV-B-Gone, Trippy RGB Waves, The Brain Machine but also all types of Arduinos and accessories – we even have a special HITB gadget for you to work on (more details on this soon)!

Last but not least, Mitch will also give a talk in the Haxpo track about how you can make a living out of something you love to do: it certainly changed the way he lives his life today.

You still haven’t registered? What are you waiting for?! It’s completely F-R-E-E to attend the 3-day Haxpo and really you should have no excuse to not be there! Heck, it’s even a public holiday on the 29th of May! See you at De Beurs!

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Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic by Mitch Altman

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