Marc Newlin

Marc Newlin is a software engineer from Seattle, WA, who graduated from Inglemoor High School in 2003. His background is primarily in Windows application development and full stack web development, but he has been hacking on SDR’s since 2013.

He currently works on IoT security at Bastille, in Atlanta, GA. Prior joining Bastille, he worked on 802.11 network coding research at the Fundamentals of Networking Laboratory at the University of Washington, where he implemented a USRP-based 802.11a PHY layer.

In 2013-2014, Marc competed as a finalist in the DARPA Spectrum Challenge, which was his introduction to wireless communications and software defined radio. The challenge required teams to implement software defined radios capable of transferring data in a contested channel, in both adversarial and cooperative scenarios. He had the distinction of being the only finalist “team” working solo, and was the only finalist who hadn’t gone to college.

In 2011, Marc participated in the DARPA Shredder Challenge, which was a competition to reassemble shredded documents. During the course of the challenge, teams had to reassemble five progressively more complex documents, culminating in a three page document shredded into 6000 pieces. Marc reassembled 4 of the 5 documents, finishing in 3rd place out of more than 9000 teams.

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