Booth: NL-S9

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Nábhila Pifano
Tempelhofer Ufer 17 10963 Berlin Germany

At Our Booth (NL-S9)

At our Booth you will be able to explore our technologies at a Workshop! In this workshop we will empower developers to bring an IoT project from idea to tangible working prototype in 4 hours. Bring your idea and we will help you bring it to life, using Bluetooth and WiFi enabled Sensors and the power of paper craft. Loading…

About Relayr is an IoT platform as a service company that helps companies IoT-enable existing products / sensors or to build entirely new products. Their entire DNA is agnostic. They onboard any hardware, any sensor, any actuator. They shipped their developer kit in October, have 1500+ developers on their platform already today, and are working with customers and partners from global coporations to startups.

Here is a video they did together with Cisco and the startup Insulin Angel.

They won the $150k Cisco IoT Innovation award last October and the €50k Focus Award in January 2015. is also the first startups that was enabled and is launching using the Relayr platform. InsulinAngel hits IndieGogo soon.

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