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Marc Blumenfrucht

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IJhack is a hacker collective. We teach people to understand how their technology works.

Hacking involves using technology in inventive and unintended ways: Arduinos, Networks, Quadcopters, Locks, Books, Textiles, Computers, Phones and more

We also like making – using technology to build and create things: Tools, materials, 3d printers, laser cutters, glue-guns, soldering irons and oscilliscopes

IJhack is a community that solves problems together. Come join one of our events or meetings.

About IJhack

IJhack is a hacker collective which aims to teach people to understand the technology that surrounds them. We run workshops where participants can learn how to make their own gadgets using arduino and similar technologies. Our workshops are always free, the kits used can be purchased for a small donation or you can play with one that we already made.

The IJduino has a number of ready made applications that you can use and adapt together with extra sensor kits. It can play custom animations, musical tunes, read temperature sensors, play pong, test batteries and much more. Come along and learn to make your own gadget, open to all ages.

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